The styled shoot, thought as the celebration of love and beauty on a destination elopement in Tuscany, is made of a team of talented international vendors who share the same vision: creating tailor made experiences for demanding clients who wish to customise every detail of their celebration.


This story is beautifully captured in every single detail and feeling by the Tuscan photographer Lucrezia Senserini, with her intimate, delicate, spontaneous and emotional style.


Lapo Pecchioli has curated the video to fix the marvellous sense of airiness and lightness of this elopement event. As he says “For me, the research of an idea is inseparable from the research of beauty and the other way around. That is a concept that I live by and that I always try to convey through my work.”


Villa di Geggiano is the venue chosen as the set. The Villa has been declared a National Heritage site of outstanding beauty.

It has been the family home and winery of the Bianchi Bandinelli family since 1527. Just six kilometres from Siena, its façade looks out onto the enchanting hills of Chianti Classico, a region of Italy world famous for its wines, rich history and natural beauty.

Here Bernardo Bertolucci set some scenes of his well known movie “Stealing Beauty”.

Yes, because this styled shoot it’s all about Beauty, did I forget to mention that yet??

The beauty of the love between the bride Ginevra and Filippo, her fiance in true life: two people who are completely in love will always see each other as absolutely, perfectly beautiful. That’s the way they looked at each other and this is what Lucrezia and Lapo were able to capture throughout the day.


The beauty of the bride. Ginevra got ready in the spectacular indoors of the villa wearing a flowing turquoise satin lingerie set adorned with black laces by Loretta Caponi, a Century-Old Florentine atelier where every creation can be custom tailored on each client. Their creations grow out of an innate artistic sensibility and the seek of harmony between colours, a motif or an embroidery whose roots can be found in Renaissance tradition. Among their clients, Hollywood actors and actresses, the Kennedys, the Windsors and most of the reigning families of Europe.


When ready, she elegantly slipped into a pure silk creamy wedding dress by Miranda di Sipio Atelier. The dress is inspired by the Dahlia flowers, it’s embroidered by hand with the combination of different techniques: the art of silk flowers and three-dimensional embroidery. The flowers and leaves were drawn, painted and modeled by hand, starting from the leftover fabric of the dress.


The Bridal shoes were made-to-order by Madame Pivot, the main italian brand for tango shoes, to let the bride be free to dance!


The bridal beauty look was curated by the talented Valeryia who also wisely re-invented a brooch making it as the perfect hair piece.

Ginevra’s look has been further enriched with a pair of gold plated brass earrings made by Cheli Jewels, like the brooch used for the hairstyle.

As the designer says, this jewels collection, called #BACKTOTHEBEAUTY is “A request screams of return to all that is beautiful. To all that is pure.To elegance. The candid one. That does not need to scream to the world, that the world will be the first to notice it. Being human, thinking individuals. United by the same conception of beauty.”


The beauty of the building. Originally built in the 14th century, Villa di Geggiano, its gardens and 18th-century decorations have been carefully renovated and restored. You can certainly feel the atmosphere of an elegant 18th century vacation house.

The Chapel was built for the marriage of Anton Domenico Bianchi Bandinelli and Cecilia Chigi Zondadari in 1768 as most of the frescoes that you can find inside.


The same chapel where Ginevra and Filippo exchanged their vows framed by a soft and blurry yet elegant floral installation created by Jardin Divers. All around candle lights.

The bouquet was thought of as a small flower arrangement, sophisticated yet understated.

A blend of whites, little pops of blue and golden touches in the idea of creating beauty with simple elements for a graceful effect without being redundant.

More impactful, the arrangements created around the reception, on the table and for the stage, matching perfectly the harmony of the printed tablecloth.


The beauty of its gardens where the reception took place.

In the gardens, decorated with groups of century-old cypress trees, a parterre of box trees and hundreds of potted lemon trees, one finds the quaint Teatro di Verzura with two, late-baroque prosceniums in brickwork, decorated by the Maltese sculptor Bosio.


The table was thought of as an exclusive table-for-two facing the theatre. A contemporary printed tablecloth matching a luxury table setting made with one-of-a-kind pieces by the historical Florentine brand Ugo Poggi, one of the most antique showrooms in town, founded in 1922 and now run by the grandson of the founder, Niccolò Poggi.

From the brass napkin rings to the little polished salt holders, passing by the mother of pearl&golden cutlery through the crystal glasses and the porcelain plates, every piece can be customized to meet the couples’ decor desires. Ugo Poggi is nowaday not only a seller of important national and international art-de-la-table brands but also the producer of gorgeous silver, unusual porcelain and fine glassware.


The beauty of the small details : handwritten linen napkins adorning the plates and the handmade & hand-dyed menus as well as the invitation set, for which the stationery designer La Precisina “stole” and printed the beautiful wedding-story painted in the frescoes of the villa.


It was right in the Teatro di Verzura that a family friend,  the founder of the Italian tragedy Vittorio Alfieri, performed one of his pieces here in the late 18th century. It’s called teatro di verzura (greenery theatre) because the scenes are built by cypresses and laurel hedges.


The same theatre where the roaming band, The Old Florence Dixie Band, performed exclusively for the couple during their tete-a-tete reception.


Protagonists of the men’s looks, both on the groom and the band’s musicians, are the eclectic and refined bow ties by Mani del Sud. Emblem of contemporary elegance blending old traditions to a modern vision of the future. High personal accessories, hand-sewn in premium fabrics and adorned with metallic filigrees, though with the possibility of customizing multiple styles and colors.


To crown their love, Ginevra and Filippo danced in the garden around a cloudy-fluffy wedding cake made by the talented Tuscan cake designer Marisa from Sugar Cups Cake Design. Hundreds of feather-light layers of pure white sugar and ethereal blue and golden flowers popping out the cake and blowing in the wind, together with the couple.


Photo Lucrezia Senserini

Video Lapo Pecchioli

Venue Villa di Geggiano


Styling & Planning Olivia Sodi

Flowers Jardin Divers

Bridal Lingerie Loretta Caponi


Bridal dress Miranda di Sipio Atelier

Bridal shoes Madame Pivot

Jewels Daniela Cheli


Make up and hair Valeriya

Table setting Ugo poggi

Stationery La Precisina

Cake Sugar Cup Design

Band Old Florence Dixie band

Papillons Mani del Sud

Model Ginevra del Carmine