What can I say …. since I am a dynamic person, in love with colors, naturalness and spontaneous smiles … I am not easily satisfied.
My husband and I are not very good at being in the spotlight, in fact we don’t like it at all, and honestly the photographer’s research has put us to the test.
But this research stopped once we met Lucrezia, who with her particular simplicity, was able to reach our requests, which were not at all obvious ….. for me the ability to tell the true joy, people, nature, in a photo, was impossible, so I tried to explain it, hoping to be understood.
The result?
An absolute wonder!
Chrysatllizzare that full joy, that only in THAT moment, it is tried, is a privilege to which no bride should give up.
Lucrezia was able to make me feel the atmosphere is the “Perfumes” of that day !!
My photos are not at all classic, they are something more, a beautiful STORY that speaks, speaks through emotions, sensations kidnapped by the lens.
This was what I wanted when I met the sequence of shots.

How can we define a work that speaks for itself: ART, his work for us is pure Art that enters with us into our new life.

Thanks Lucrezia, Andrea and I will choose you a thousand times over again.