My name is Lucrezia and I am a photographer.
I live in Arezzo, in Tuscany, but I travel whenever I have the opportunity, for pleasure and for work.
I love to see different places, try local cuisines, get lost in books, music, movies.
I like the conversations that touch you deeply, the ones you are no longer the same afterwards.
I get excited about a spontaneous smile, the look of lovers, the blue of the sea and the warm light of the sunset.
Happiness, for me, means being around people, sharing dreams and desires, always finding a reason to smile and appreciate the beautiful and genuine things of life.


Photography is a journey, it is my way of seeing beyond appearance, of going in depth, both of a place and of the soul.
It allows me to see beyond, to capture moments of magic and make them eternal.
A couple walking by the sea, that sense of freedom, the sound of waves and seagulls …
I do not seek perfection, but beauty and truth in imperfection.
Photography is not just my job, it is my way of living, of knowing, of understanding and communicating.
I love telling stories of life and love, that’s why all my services revolve around emotion.
I specialize in wedding, portrait and lifestyle photography (boudoir, couples, babies, children, maternity and families).
My greatest aspiration is to capture emotions and beauty; I live the photo sessions as a creative and stimulating experience and, if you wish, I will help you to create images that will always preserve the beauty of your daily life.