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Best of wedding moments

  A wedding is a story, or better a thousand stories to be told... it is the tear that goes down the face, a hug that is so tight it could blend people into one, the laughter that suddenly bursts out, the children’s funny expressions, the light that makes reality as magic, and time that stops, the gazes full of love... It is the story of two peopl[...]

Simona & Adrian

I received as a gift from a friend the pregnancy photo shoot with Lucrezia, who knew how to put us immediately at ease both me and my husband. His professionalism, kindness and availability helped us to melt and to have beautiful images that immortalize a wonderful period of our life. His photos are very detailed, and every time I look at them they mak[...]

Elisabetta & Alberto

I met Lucrezia through a mutual friend, whom I do nothing but thank! During our marriage, she was able to capture every detail, every emotion and feeling without interfering, letting us live this wonderful day in the most sincere spontaneity. Looking at the photos I can relive every moment with the same emotion ... for this I can't wait to have another[...]


As a professional, Lucrezia is the best. Available, creative, attentive to detail, patient, professional in every way. The service he has done for us will be a wonderful memory that our potato will have forever. I advise everyone to try it, both as a photographer and as a person. And I also say that at our next event we will always call and we will!


 I didn't know Lucrezia. I found his contact browsing online and, as usually happens in these cases, the things born by chance are always the best. I liked the idea of immortalizing my baby bump (I was 7 months pregnant) but I felt that the classic maternity picture with all the bows and lace (blue in my case) didn't really represent me. We immediately agree[...]