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Trash the dress //Arezzo, Tuscany//

“Trash the dress” è un servizio fotografico che viene realizzato dopo il matrimonio, indossando gli stessi abiti da sposa/o. Anche se il significato letterale è "rovina, distruggi l'abito", ogni coppia può scegliere il tipo di servizio e la location che preferisce, non vi obbligherò a rovinare l'abito insomma :-) In questo caso gli sposi hanno scelto di de[...]

Giulia & Luca

We have seen Lucrezia's works on social media and on his blog and we liked them immediately. They perfectly represented what we wanted, to capture every moment and every emotion of that very important day with total spontaneity. When we met and got to talk to her about what we would like, we had no doubt that she was the right person. Available, kind, exper[...]

Best of wedding moments

  A wedding is a story, or better a thousand stories to be told... it is the tear that goes down the face, a hug that is so tight it could blend people into one, the laughter that suddenly bursts out, the children’s funny expressions, the light that makes reality as magic, and time that stops, the gazes full of love... It is the story of two peopl[...]